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Plans & Pricing

Creating responsive designs for General, Developer, and Real Estate plans.

Plans and Pricing Tablet
The Challenge
One of my coworkers successfully redesigned the Plans and Pricing home page (desktop) and needed assistance in creating mobile web and tablet versions of the page. These versions needed to provide potential clients with information on features, plans, pricing, etc. 
DocuSign underwent a successful Plans and Pricing desktop redesign but needed responsive designs
The Problem & Solution
DocuSign has many plans, features, and users!
DocuSign has a wide variety of plans and features.  I needed to create something scalable that would take into account people looking to purchase DocuSign for the first time and DS veterans who are looking to upgrade their current plan.  With three categories of DS plans (General, Developer, and Real Estate), I wanted to create a scalable design in which users could view the information they wanted and needed to see without being presented too much at once.
The Process Previous Iterations
The Process
Research, sketchbooks, Sketch, and feedback...the design process loop
I began by looking at various web plans online in order to gain inspiration and to see what worked well (and what didn't).  I took to my sketchbook and began sketching out ideas and concepts.  From there, I mocked up various iterations in Sketch, looking at the different plan types and features.  I reached out for feedback often and continually tweaked my designs in order to create scalable, clean, and simple pages.
The Design
After many iterations and much feedback.....
...and working with our talented developers....the designs went live!  
DocuSign General Plan Tablet
Standard Plan Feature Details
Plans&Pricing Responsive Mobile
DocuSign Responsive Design Plans and Pricing
DocuSign General Plan Mobile
The Numbers
So far, it's looking good.

Please check back again soon as I will be crunching the numbers and proudly adding them to my portfolio.


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