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Hi, I'm Micheline!

I’m a born and raised San Franciscan who loves thinking about how others think.  I enjoy turning strangers into friends and building great team culture.  I'm passionate about making the world a better place through simple and ethical  design.


I enjoy full-brain thinking. This has guided my academic pursuits and continues to influence my love for the UX field. I want to combine my background in psychology and the sciences with the design knowledge I’ve gained from my Landscape Architecture/Urban Planning background to create functional designs for others.


When not at work, you’ll find me doing normal people things, like cooking, hiking with the world’s most adorable dog, or playing pub trivia with friends


Impacting Climate Change IOT Hackathon | Designed the experience for a device that tracked carbon emissions from vehicles

DocuSign Hackathon Winner | Designed the UX/UI for a new tag in DocuSign

DocuSign Hackathon Best UX Winner | Connecting Amazon Alexa to DocuSign accounts


UC Davis | Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture

General Assembly | UX Immersion Course

UC Berkeley Extension | Intro to Visual Design Course

Anything I can get my hands on | Including but not limited to Accessibility workshops, Udemy online courses, Medium articles, LinkedIn Learning, etc.


Social media | I'm not on Facebook or Instagram, but I swear I'm a real person

Free time | I enjoy watercoloring and sketching when I have a minute

The future | I'm super excited to one day own chickens and live zero waste

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